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About Our Brand


The Mission

Behind the motto: 22 We Got You. The 22 comes from the 22 veterans that die by suicide each day. We Got You is a shortened way of saying we see you and we are here to help. Its our belief that if more people knew and shared awareness this number could decrease. We believe people are good, and given the chance, they will show up for each other. While awareness is a big part of change, money is a big part too. That is why 20% of your purchase will be donated to organizations that provide mental health resources and treatment for veterans and their families. 


While in the military the founder of 22 We Got You lost a friend serving beside them and it changed their path. When she retired from service for mental health, it was extremely challenging. She never imagined not being in the military and had lost her sense of self. In honor of the friend lost and her own struggles with mental health she got a tattoo. That tattoo started the plan in motion. We are honored to now be in a position where together we can change the future of the veteran community and work to lower the number 22. 



Thank you for supporting 22 We Got You and the veterans we strive to serve. 

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